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    We offer practical solutions exclusively in areas where our expertise is:

    Request full list of training programs by TAILORED (over 200):

    January, 2019
    New year and new projects of Tailored
    July, 2010
    Regular quality control of Tailored trainings: anonymous evaluation of participants
    April, 2017
    Broke third hundred!
    Jubilee. Motivational.
    September, 2016
    On-line with Tailored
    August, 2015
    Tailored in the best Japanese traditions
    January, 2017
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, dear friends, partners and colleagues!
    Winter meeting of the Motivational Club of Russia was on a high note!
    April, 2013
    Tailored in terms of modern retail
    July, 2011
    Continuous quality control of Tailored trainings: anonymous evaluation of participants
    February, 2012
    Tailored: Japanese-Italian solutions
    August, 2017
    Tailored conquers the trust of the oldest orthodontic network in Moscow
    August, 2020
    Academy Time
    February, 2014
    Tailored will help Russia to be more open
    January, 2019
    Reasonable and correct steps in the right direction
    August, 2013
    Fresh trends of summer 2013
    Tailored organized the Jubilee meeting of the Russian Motivational Club in Mercedes-Benz
    January, 2022
    February, 2020
    The energy of Vladimir Russia on our power engineering
    July, 2017
    From Medical trainings to development of standards of service for patients
    June, 2021
    Warehouse – all head!
    May, 2010
    Setting the standards of service and professionalism with Tailored
    A new professional site for compensation and benefits
    April, 2019
    System solutions in Tailored style
    October, 2012
    Tailored in construction business
    August, 2012
    Permanent evaluation of the quality of Tailored trainings: continuity of experience and new approaches
    New tools of Russian Motivational Club
    Motivational Club of Russia in Security
    October, 2017
    Bright producer in the ranks of Tailored
    January, 2011
    Tailored congratulates all its Partners and Colleagues with New Year and Christmas holidays!
    January, 2012
    Tailored in the business segment of fixed and mobile communications
    April, 2016
    A new partnership with the market leader
    Новый источник энергии
    A new source of energy has been created
    March, 2016
    Tailored was told – YES!
    January, 2016
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
    April, 2021
    The most relevant first hand!
    December, 2021
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, dear friends and colleagues !
    The union of developing technologies and art: logic and emotions in the service of Tailored customers
    April, 2020
    New realities – New technologies!
    October, 2011
    Tailored finds new creative formats of expert support
    November, 2016
    A centuries-old service with Tailored
    Креативные форматы Tailored
    Creative formats of Tailored programs win the most demanding and sophisticated audience
    May, 2011
    Training under the conditions of multitasking
    July, 2015
    Constant quality control of Tailored trainings: keeping the bar!
    December, 2012
    Happy New Year and Merry Christmas, dear colleagues and partners!
    June, 2022
    In the heart of domestic Internet business.
    December, 2019
    Scandinavian direction of Tailored international cooperation
    Motivational Russian Club began a successful work
    October, 2015
    Tailored at the «minefield»
    February, 2019
    The Standard of the Swiss quality chooses Tailored
    December, 2017
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
    Strategies of conquering galaxies
    March, 2018
    Innovative industrial automation with Tailored
    September, 2018
    Cooperation with a customer is always the focus of attention
    The motivation of project teams is on tap for
    March, 2021
    February, 2011
    Cooperation with the most modern Auto Center of the leader of the world auto industry
    November, 2021
    September, 2013
    Tailored together with the world leader in innovation in the forest industry
    Motivational Club of Russia under Tailored direction: 2 years of effective work
    October, 2016
    Tailored creative pharmaceuticals industry
    December, 2014
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
    August, 2014
    Tailored opens new markets
    November, 2010
    Our new client, our new market area and our new programs
    May, 2012
    Hands-on training in practice
    Service Oktoberfest of the Motivational Club of Russia and Carlsberg group
    August, 2019
    Out of the stateroom into the ballroom
    March, 2017
    Tailored “jars”
    May, 2017
    In line with the fastest brand in the world!
    February, 2017
    Tailored in the scientific community
    August, 2018
    Construction in oil and gas industry with Tailored
    Functional corporate in action!
    January, 2014
    Tailored congratulates its Partners and Colleagues with the New Year and Christmas holidays!
    March, 2020
    Mindfulness is needed by everyone, especially the most experienced people need it
    December, 2013
    Tailored carries out its obligations and commits new ones
    August, 2016
    Tailored and the “aromagic” of a true coffee
    December, 2010
    Creative management of change — changing the format of the future with Tailored
    December, 2009
    Tailored office is opened in the center of Moscow
    November, 2019
    VHI – battle in the Russian Motivation Club.
    September, 2009
    Tailored central office and a classroom.
    November, 2014
    Tailored flows into dairy rivers
    November, 2015
    Juicy solutions from Tailored
    September, 2014
    A new world leader together with Tailored
    March, 2011
    A special annual program for a large local producer
    Motivational Club of Russia and current issues of intergenerational compatibility
    April, 2015
    Tailored with Swedish accent
    March, 2012
    Tailored begins to train one of the best providers of the world
    August, 2021
    Proactivity through creativity.
    April, 2011
    A new partner of Tailored Moscow office
    Internal customer in the focus of the Russian Motivational Club
    March, 2022
    Happy Women’s day!
    November, 2009
    New project of development of the Sales Department
    February, 2021
    The systematic approach to (often) non-systemic operation.
    November, 2020
    Cooperation without limits
    January, 2013
    The Finnish approach to choose a provider
    October, 2010
    Tailored changes its rules
    October, 2021
    Regional treasure
    Significant projects in Motivational Club of Russia
    August, 2009
    The Competent Trainer Standard — basic standards for the work of Tailored trainers
    February, 2010
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    We design the Tailored training format as to balance efficiency, ease and convenience.

    In principle, our programs do not contain common theories. Tailored goes forward with concrete solutions. Majority of training sessions take one day that keeps associates close to their duties and optimizes expenses.

    For this reason, each Tailored session consists of 12 steps of training:

    1. Identify, analyze and define training needs.
    2. Work out training programs specific to customer needs.
    3. Align the schedule.
    4. Align the content of training sessions.
    5. Work out customized training sessions that account for specifics of the external and internal environment of the client.
    6. Prepare examples and cases in each training section.
    7. Prepare role plays based on business practice of the client.
    8. Prepare video-illustrations and examples.
    9. Work out packages of pre- and post-training materials.
    10. Deliver the training as described in the schedule.
    11. Communicate detailed feed back to participants.
    12. Work out a reporting system to track progress after the training.