Business quests in Tailored style

Tailored broadens the line of innovative and creative HR products with a new series of Business quests, a part of which will be made by the licensed products, and a part – own exclusive developments.

But the most interesting that our quests will not be only an entertaining action with often chaotic insight, but will be integrated into the current business programs in a format of practical events and are most adapted for the specific objectives of our Clients that gives the excellent result in practice.

Here what about it is told by the Customer and the Participant of our last business quest integrated into the training for the leader of the Russian Fashion-market: “We has the luck to work with Tailored company, in the mode “all at once”. Practical games and reflection after the workshop are the most effective method for the analysis of the reactions and lines of conduct. Perfectly switching of attention from methodology works to practice, from “planes” to sales, from arrangement of priorities to “Lego”. As the participant, I understand that it is necessary to hold all training focus on the processes happening to you, otherwise you drop out. Concentration is necessary like in real working processes! 
Tailored, thanks, that you are always in a trend!»