Business technologies into the medicine!

The skill of clear presentation of your thoughts, experience and practice to the audience has always been an important tool for promoting your name in medicine. And now this competence has significantly grown in importance, because the preparation of a competent presentation that can convince management, colleagues, patients, students, conference visitors without excitement and fuss is not only an effective opportunity for promotion and development, but also a vital skill of a modern medical specialist.

Successively promoting the humanitarian program for employees of medical institutions, Tailored company has proposed a new set of practical technologies that have long been in business, but have little involvement in the medical environment. The result is new successful program “Effective Presentation Skills and Techniques in the Medical Environment”, which will allow doctors to simply, efficiently and competently convey their ideas, technologies, new developments and treatment plans to colleagues, potential investors and of course patients.

Participants feedback:

«Thank you for the invitation and opportunity to participate in such useful training!;

«A lot of useful tools took with me for science and practice»;

«It is most useful!»