Tailored Journal

Tailored journal is a page of short illustrations of our daily and very bright life. The journal was launched in August 2009 according to the recommendations of our regular customers. All the reviews mentioned in the Journal are taken anonymously according to the results of the trainings.

In the heart of domestic Internet business.

The classic of Russian literature Maxim Gorky once said: “The further, the easier modern technology turns fiction and speculation, fantasies and hypotheses – into reality, arming a person in his struggle for life.”

Probably therefore, we began cooperation with the largest and oldest Russian universal online store, which has long been included in the list of the top 10 most expensive companies in the Russian segment of the Internet according to Forbes, it is from its heart – the technical division that ensures the uninterrupted operation of the largest market place in all directions.

The work turned out to be expectedly specific and practical. The abundance of clarifying questions, discussions and different points of view pleasantly surprised and made the program alive and as close as possible to life and its topical issues. Well, by good tradition, after receiving feedback from the participants, we consistently moved on to discussing the development of cooperation.


Feedback from program participants:

“Everything was new and interesting, told without water, in a simple and understandable language, with answers to questions”

“I really liked the presentation of the material, examples and situations”

“Thank you for the opportunity to consult on topical issues!”


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Any crisis times are times of opportunity. People are looking for opportunities. Or they don’t. Especially if they feel uncertain, not prepared, do not feel the support of the employer.

Tailored formed and worked out the comprehensive program designed to prepare our partner teams in a timely manner for bold but thoughtful solutions that will strengthen positions and help increase market share in a difficult period.

The program is a balanced mixed format, which consists of 3 full-time modules and 4-6 in online format. Modules are interchangeable and adapt as much as possible to Tailored-style realities.


Feedback from participants:

“It’s time for programs like this. Supports and stabilizes! “

“Useful tools in a specific situation”

“A spoon is dear when lunchtime is near. In this case, lunch is nutritious and on schedule!”


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Happy Women’s day!

The male half of Tailored heartily congratulates our wonderful female colleagues and partners of the on the spring holidays in your honor! Without you, everything we do would be impossible and meaningless!

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Tailored launched a new format for the creative workshop “Right Hemisphere Drawing,” which allows  to develop the capabilities of the brain at the level of hard skills – professional competencies that can be directly used in work, clearly demonstrate, evaluate and test.

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The potential of the brain of an ordinary person is scientifically proven to be less than 20% involved. Therefore, the remaining 80% of our main resource remains annoyingly unused. That is why in our new program we have prepared a set of exercises aimed at developing additional brain capabilities, including workshops for activating the right hemisphere and synchronizing the work of the brain hemispheres.

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After all, when we activate the capabilities of both brain’ hemispheres  it is easier and faster for us to make decisions, create new ones, adapt to changes and maximize the use of information

Feedback from program participants:

“Thank you very much for the sensitive approach, for the interesting busy day and amazing way to creativity…”

“I liked the blocks about the study of irrational subjective objections and perfectionism”

“Visualization helps solve a problem!”